Erection & Installation

After a project is fabricated in our Structural or Miscellaneous shops, it can be scheduled for erection or installation.  While some of our work is new construction from the ground up, many of our projects are renovations that deal heavily with existing conditions.  In the past, we have erected new restaurants, churches, and businesses in addition to providing structural steel support for renovations of medical office buildings, converted business spaces, and store fronts.  We are also Atlanta's leading rail and stair installer which includes industrial rail and residential ornamental as well as architectural stainless and glass rail.  Whatever the case may be, our field crews are trained to be expert iron workers in all situations.  With multiple cranes at our disposal, Porter Steel has the capability to execute most erection jobs in the Atlanta area and the precision to take on even the most detailed of installations.  Our 30 years of experience as a company make us a top choice for Atlanta's steel needs.

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