Once approved drawings are issued from our detailing department, fabrication begins.  Our fabrication shops are responsible for receiving the raw steel and processing it to accomplish the result called for by the shop drawings.  Along with top notch equipment like beam lines and overhead booms, the fabrication shops contain material handlers, saw men, punch men, fitters, helpers, and welders that work together to bring a project from paper to reality.  Our Structural shop handles all heavy structural work including columns, beams, most stairs, and sub-parts like base plates, cap plates, angle clips, and fin plates, while our Miscellaneous shop takes care of the lighter projects like railing, ornamental, and other miscellaneous jobs.  Whatever your project may be, we have trained employees who can achieve the necessary result with safety, accuracy, and speed.  In addition to our professionally trained shop workers, we have a Quality Control foreman and a Certified Welding Inspector who ensure that the jobs that exit our shops will leave our customers with the utmost level of satisfaction, knowing that Porter Steel can be relied upon to complete their present and future projects with high levels of expertise.