1375 Peachtree

For many years, the Pershing Pointe Plaza was a focal point of Midtown Atlanta with its majestic glass atrium that faced Peachtree Street at the corner of 17th Street. Recently, new owners decided that this magnificent property deserved a facelift with a new atrium that would include a multi-level mezzanine, inside and outside lounging space, and a contemporary façade and landscaping. The property would now be called 1375 Peachtree.

Project overview:

  • Mezzanine and building reinforcement – structural steel
  • Monumental stairs, cable rails – miscellaneous metals
  • Steel plate planters on sidewalk and roof, custom stainless steel mesh at the street – architectural metals and glass

The project that we did with HITT Contracting was like building a ship in a bottle. Over the next seven months, we had to build a complex and highly architectural multi-story mezzanine, stairs, and rails surrounded on three sides by the existing building and the constant hustle and bustle of Peachtree Street. One of our boom trucks was there early in the morning before traffic picked up to stop all lanes and back onto the site.

We built the structure from the back, working our way toward the street to not box ourselves in. We also had to reinforce the concrete walls and put a column through an existing restaurant kitchen below to make sure the structure would be sound. Once the structure was built, we laid decking so the concrete pours could commence.

After there was concrete on all levels, we finalized the stairs and began the cable rail framing. We worked our way out to the street, where we finalized the structure and waited for all of the exposed structure to be painted. We also did all the landscape planters and exterior railing at this time. Once painted, we were able to hang the German-engineered stainless steel mesh that now graces the side of Peachtree Street. Every part of our steel was exposed, so maintaining everything’s aesthetic appearance was difficult during the erection process. Retrofitting and tying into the existing structure brought challenges, but collaboration between us, the GC, and the engineer, and architect made it a success.